The Field Office is a paper goods and gift company founded in Berlin by artist and designer Rebecca Silus in 2008. At that time, she was an expat looking to build an online space for sharing her new home and travels with family and friends. Through her photographs, drawings, and writing the Field Office grew to into a community of friends from around the world. The Field Office’s new line of stationery and paper goods continues this tradition of combining art and communication.

Today the Field Office continues to be Rebecca’s creative space and philosophy, one that embraces a curiosity of spirit and making new work whether that be in the studio or on the road.

About Rebecca

Rebecca holds an MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her work is inspired by her studio practice as a painter and multimedia artist . After six years in Berlin, Rebecca lived for several years in Portland, Oregon and a hot minute in Boise, Idaho. She calls Minneapolis, Minnesota her homebase—for now!