Friday Memo

April 17, 2015In the Field

My oh my did this week go quickly! Our only plans for the weekend are to check out the Mount Hood Scenic Byway, which starts in Portland. Last Sunday we ate dinner outside at Stammtisch—they threw the doors open to the sidewalk and the sound of the soccer game drifted out to us. Just yes to … Read More

Friday Memo

April 10, 2015In the Field

It’s the weekend! What are your plans? Last weekend we had the best time in Boise celebrating my niece’s birthday and this weekend we’ve got plans to hit up the Wood & Faulk sample sale on Saturday (from 10-2 if you are in the Portland area). Some links I’ve collected this week: + If you want a … Read More


August 30, 2013In the Field

Finds from this week include a young New Yorker’s 1872 journey to the prairie and the hidden stairways of Los Angeles.

Rabbit Island

August 16, 2013In the Field

This tiny island in Lake Superior is home to an artist residency and research station.

Wooden Churches by Richard Davies

February 8, 2013In the Field

Richard Davies began photographing wooden churches in northern Russia in 2002. The structures, some of which date back to the 16th century, have mostly been abandoned. As he writes on his website, many of those in the project are no longer standing due to neglect and vandalism. The website for the project includes more images … Read More