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 I am so envious of the new studio building the grad students have at MCAD! The program has grown in so many exciting ways since I was there.✨I want a do over!  It felt positively warm today at 30 degrees and I’m not sure how I feel about that.
 Newest member of the St Anthony Falls Heritage Board, en route to first day of duty at City Hall ‍♀️  -14F/-25C at sunrise. Happy New Year from the deep freeze! @maatmonsmpls was dressed for it. Me a little less so—then again anything colder than 50 degrees is too cold in my book.
 Visiting the studios today!  ✔️2017
 @maatmonsmpls took the fabric I designed for @hansenprintandtex and turned it into fanny packs and wallets. Follow her for info on when/how to buy!  Almost three years after selling my house in Minneapolis, I still dream about it all the time. Usually I discover new rooms in those dreams and last night was another one. I miss this early morning, coffee-making view.
 Today at @maatmonsmpls HQ.  ✉️ #fieldofficerockwalls
 Around the neighborhood: built in 1948, remodeled a bit in the mid-50s, still showing movies.  Saturday afternoon alley touring.
   20% off on prints in my shop with code BLACK20 (30% off originals!) This is the first print available for my #fieldofficethumbnails project.
 My fabric ready to turn into ✨ at the @maatmonsmpls studio yesterday!  Nicollet Island print is now for sale in the shop! Extra credit if you can find the photo waaaayyyy back in my feed that I painted this from. Shop the print at or link in profile.
 I consolidated all my art supplies this weekend. Think I can get rid of some brushes?  Help! I should have been on the road an hour ago but I can’t stop driving around Rawlins because there are so many goodies.