Daily Walks Through the Red Light District

November 18, 2014The Distant Past

I get a charge out of place names that refer to the original landscape features of a place before they were bulldozed into oblivion for parking lots, roads, and buildings. Around these parts, we have suburbs like Maple Grove, Forest Lake, Eden Prairie, and so on—once you start looking, these names are everywhere. But it’s not … Read More


April 14, 2013The Distant Past

I do love little mysteries like this—I mean, who are these dudes my great-grandpa is hanging out with under a number of various photo shooting scenarios? Found in a box at my grandparent’s house, these are going to require a little sleuthing.

Johnny’s Accordion School

March 25, 2013The Distant Past

Click on the above image to look in the window of Johnny’s Accordion School on the second floor. Also in the second photo, I love the Mitzi Shop—a tiny little storefront with all of those mannequin heads in the window. Images courtesy of garon.us

Vintage Technology: Before Google Street View

July 18, 2012In the Field, The Distant Past

I can’t look at the quasi-360 degree scope and everyday details of this image and not think about Google Street View, which keeps coming across my radar in the form of amazing projects—but more on that later. For now let’s look at this incredible daguerreotype from 1848 that shows a panoramic view of Cincinnati’s riverfront … Read More


December 31, 2011The Distant Past

My dad found another box of stuff in the basement at my grandparent’s house. Going through it, we found a book from my great-grandfather’s funeral as well as his obituary and this letter to my great-grandmother from Podbiel, Slovakia—all of which spelled their last name as “Salus” (though I think that the letter on the … Read More

1936 Roadtrip

August 23, 2011The Distant Past

It’s the end of summer. There is a part of me these last weeks that has longed to be home, to go on a road trip, to be “somewhere in the West”—or at least have a valid Euro-driver’s license that would allow me to do a little adventuring. This road trip taken by my grandma … Read More