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 Windows open 24/7 ✔️  New 6 x 6 in oil on board #fieldofficethumbnails
 Sunday escapades ✨ @cutterberg @radiomik @ivanprietosculptures  This place. So special. ✨
 For anyone following my riveting cat chronicles: the cats that jump in through the window in the middle of the night have been banned due to bad behavior partying on the sofa. This guy is still welcome—he's the one who meows at the door on the weekends asking to come in. He's the best. #berlin #catsofinstagram  The neighbors
 I reckon you might want to be up to date on your shots before frolicking through this one. But I take my fields where I can get 'em, even if they are behind discount grocery stores.   Making friends with all of the animalheads in the neighborhood. In the middle of the night, this one jumped in through my window, woke me up, stared at me, and left.
 Another 80 degree day, another beer garden. This one is a secret.   Everybody's got the day off here, but I stayed up until 3am drawing and I have a mid-week deadline that has nothing to do with those adventures. Sooo no day off for me.
 Old haunts. ✨#berlinfieldofficeguide  I always wish I could get work done in cafes, but I just can't.
 #simson  Art opening in a furniture showroom. @cutterberg
 My old apartment in this building was the same layout, but east facing. West facing is soooo much better especially on the first warm day of the year! ✨  You can file this one under Berlin cafes with wood burning stoves. Kinda forgot about this place until @texkourgan suggested it! #berlinfieldofficeguide
 Hey Minneapolis people! This piece is included (and for sale!) in the @rosalux_gallery 15 year anniversary show. May 13–28. Reception Saturday May 13, 7–10pm.  There's a lilac bush in there.

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