Twilight.  One of the first places I revisited was the Kleingartenverein near my place. The beer garden is a secret gem, too. For the uninitiated: these are little garden plots with mini houses. ✨Always a favorite place for a wander.
 #fieldofficethumbnails  The sun doesn't stop  But neither does the jet lag.
 I need twice the desk.   I've been taking these long walks through places from the near and distant past and it's been the best thing. #berlin
 My neighbor gave me this 1981 map of our neighborhood. No, we don't live on a body of water; that's the former wall between East and West Berlin. There's something really powerful about that blank space just a few blocks away from here, and especially relevant/sobering given the current state of wall-planning back at home.   Today I got @shoegirlberlin's scrumptious gluten free apple carrot muffins delivered to my door in addition to a warm welcome back to the neighborhood. Thank you, friend. You are so lovely and one talented baker. I don't want to eat the rest because I don't want them to ever go away!
 Oh pickled herring sandwiches, how I have missed you.  #fieldofficefish  I'm back! ⚡️Same building I lived in before, different apartment. #fullcircle
 Weekend assignment: after early morning wild goose chase to Weißensee to register, find the egg seller at the market with the orange yolks.   One more before I go.
 I used to live across the street from this park with a mind-boggling view of the Fernsehturm. Seeing it change color with the time of day or the weather was something else. Good to see it again.  I loved the rainstorms that blew through the city last night. Reminded me of sleeping through thunderstorms in Minnesota. Super cozy even though a couple of times it felt like the cottage was going to come crashing down. ⚡️ #stormy #sanfrancisco
 New workspace, same work #fieldofficethumbnails  Epic walk yesterday with lots of sun ☀️

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