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 Took the sourdough starter out of hibernation and made a loaf this morning! #fieldofficekitchen  Pleasantly surprised that Heathrow is this chill today. ✈️
 Any beach bar that cites a 16th century pirate saying as the inspo for its name has me. ⚡️@yardarmboise #boisefieldofficeguide  Landyacht parking.
 I added a few new original paintings and prints to the shop. See profile or #fieldofficestudio  Amongst other revelations of the past months: I'm ready to turn in my mobile studio for the permanent kind, where ideas get tacked to the wall and large projects have room to happen.
 Green hillsides!  The wifi's all out of sorts over here, which is making me all out of sorts, so tomatoes.
 Saturdaze with Team Boise. Happy Birthday, @dkpnoonan!!  A visit to my old studio building. ❤️
 Walking along side the #oregontrail. You can still seethe ruts in the landscape even though they are pretty overgrown—and also hard to snap.  Windows open 24/7 ✔️
 Today's river beaches recon was a success.   Sunday escapades ✨ @cutterberg @radiomik @ivanprietosculptures
 Boise mornings.   For anyone following my riveting cat chronicles: the cats that jump in through the window in the middle of the night have been banned due to bad behavior partying on the sofa. This guy is still welcome—he's the one who meows at the door on the weekends asking to come in. He's the best. #berlin #catsofinstagram
 Yesterday's views were pretty spectacular, but the best part of the trip was sitting next to two ladies on two different flights who were both in their eighties and still traveling around the world on a regular basis.   I reckon you might want to be up to date on your shots before frolicking through this one. But I take my fields where I can get 'em, even if they are behind discount grocery stores.

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