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 Art opening in a furniture showroom. @cutterberg  Not really minding the hour long wait: 68°F/20°C + bloody marys with @shoegirlberlin #dasbrunch #berlin
 You can file this one under Berlin cafes with wood burning stoves. Kinda forgot about this place until @texkourgan suggested it! #berlinfieldofficeguide  The walk home from the grocery store and the birds are still singing.
 There's a lilac bush in there.
 That one day when it was warmish.  #berlinfieldofficeguide  Let the beer gardening begin.
 Lovely end of the day light and breeze.  People who decorate their balconies
 From Sunday's walk.  Finally kinda springy today.
 Just about every Saturday I hear him meowing outside my door. I let him in, he hangs out for about 15 and then he's on his way.  Can't believe this place is still here and untouched since I last walked by three years ago.
 Walked 10 miles through the city today with @cutterberg. We trödeled, sat by the canal in the sun, were confided in by a stranger, and ended the day with my favorite Dane at the ✨ #berlinfieldofficeguide  Spotted in the wild today: a book I worked on last year about graphic recording. #fieldofficeprojects
 Pretty grim at Prater yesterday due to the cold weather. But we did manage one beer under steely skies.  Monday morning experiments In observation and looking away. #fieldofficethumbnails

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